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Education | 17 September 2015

Help Typo Raise $20,000 For Adults Literacy

Education is part of everyday life for the majority of people in the western world. It is not often that you will meet someone who hasn’t received some sort of formal education, and does not have basic skills in reading and writing.

The fact is that in Sub-Saharan Africa 38% of the region’s population aged 15 and over, that’s 167 million people still lack the basic literacy skills. 

While these stats have improved greatly over the last few decades there is still a long way to go, especially when we compare these numbers to a country like Australia where 96% of adults are literate. 

The team at Typo believes in providing opportunities in education for people around the world, that’s the Typo difference. Over the next three day’s their focus will be on supporting those students who can often be forgotten, or may not have received the support they needed in the past, adults. 

The Typo team’s aim is to raise 20K between Thursday September 17th – Saturday September 19th, to expand the Cotton On Foundation’s Adult Literacy program in Southern Uganda.  

Currently The Cotton On Foundation have Adult Literacy classes in Busibo and Mannya Village in Southern Uganda. So far we have had 220 adults graduate from our Adult Literacy classes, and there are 200 adults still on their education journey.

With the support of the Typo team and customers we will be able to;

-          Develop 300 more places across 12 villages over the next 12 months

-          Provide support to teachers

-          Provide basic learning equipment

The classes will provide students with the basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy, and all classes are integrated with livelihood skills such learning to save, income generating activities, hygiene and food security. 

The students attend class twice per week for two hours; each class has approximately 25 students. They attend classes for two years before completing testing to be able to graduate.

To support, simply head into a Typo store between now and Saturday September 18th and purchase a Cotton On Foundation product!

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