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Education | 25 August 2015

Providing children with a lifetime of opportunity

Every father, whether he lives in Australia, South Africa, USA or Uganda only wishes what’s best for his children and family. That usually means providing their children with opportunity, in many instances through education.

We recently met one such father in Busibo village, George, who has been able to establish an incredible home for his family and provide his children with one of the most important gifts of all – an education.

George and his wife Resty, have nine children and have also taken in two orphans.  They maintain a wonderful model home which ticks all sustainability boxes! They have a banana plantation, several cows, pigs and goats, all of which provide a food source as well as a stable income.

Through their involvement in the microfinance scheme, they’ve also been able to purchase and maintain an additional stream of income and food, via a one acre crop of tomatoes. The next step is to purchase a water pump for this crop, so that they can more efficiently tend to their field.

By earning an income, George and Resty have been able to support their family and importantly, provide their children with an education. Most recently, the eldest graduated as a nurse which the family celebrated with enormous pride. Whilst one other child is currently attending University, the others are all in Primary and Secondary school. There’s no doubt they will all follow in their older sister’s footsteps!

We don’t often stop to take note of how much our parents do for us. With Father’s Day just around the corner in Australia and New Zealand, we think it’s important that we give thanks to the special men in our lives, such as George. 

With that in mind, we’ve designed a limited edition Father’s Day range which you can find online and in select Cotton On  and Cotton On Kids.

100% of the proceeds from every purchase go towards the Cotton On Foundation and our projects.

Happy Father’s Day to you George and to every other father, grandfather or special paternal figure out there!

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