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Annette - bringing health to homes.

Health brings a freedom very few realise, until they no longer have it – Bronnie Ware.

At the Cotton On Foundation we believe that this sort of freedom should be accessible to anyone and everyone. Sadly this is not the case for many. One of our Foundation Pillars is Health and enabling healthier futures for those who need it the most is something we are passionate about and constantly striving to achieve.

Thanks to our amazing customers in 2007 we were able to provide vital medical equipment to the existing school in Mannya Village and in 2009 we refurbished the medical centre and introduced a medical outreach program. The Centre wouldn’t function without each and every one of our amazing staff and on that note we would like to introduce you to Annette, our Health Coordinator.

Annette is responsible for everything that falls under our health pillar on the ground in Mannya Village. She conducts home visits to check in on community members health and wellbeing. It’s not uncommon for her to come across sick people, who she’ll send onto the Health Centre for treatment and when necessary conducts follow up visits. Annette also teaches community members how to maintain a healthy standard of living in regards to nutrition, sanitation, mosquito nets and much more. The top picture is Annette on a home visit to a local blind woman and her elderly mother.  

Annette has been married for over 10 years and she has 3 children. She came from a big family and was the 7th born of 10 children, who were all fortunate enough to have access to an education, including tertiary studies. She has a Bachelor in the Arts and Education and recently completed her Masters in Arts and Educational Leadership at Walsh University in the USA.

Annette originally moved to Mannya Village when her husband was transferred for work. She was scared of the unknown and worried about living in a remote area so far away from her family and friends. Accepting the role of Health Coordinator and educating people in the community about health challenges fostered her love of Mannya and she is grateful every day for her new home.

When she’s not being a guardian angel to the community of Mannya Village, Annette is quite the movie buff, ‘I love the cinema with all my heart’. She’s big on having her quiet time, whether it be enjoying a book or meditating. A lifelong learner, Annette constantly wonders what she can discover from situations and people she comes across in her life. We are so grateful to have Annette in our little Cotton On Foundation family and so are the people of Mannya Village.

Wondering how you can empower people Southern Uganda? Next time you’re in a Cotton On Group store or shoppingonline, purchase a charity item.... or two and know that your dollar is making a difference to someone who really needs it.

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