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Malaria is responsible for the death of a child somewhere in the world every minture. Did you know it only costs $10 to treat a malaria patient?


You’ve just crawled into bed and it’s never felt so comfortable.

You tuck yourself in, you’re slowly drifting into a blissful slumber and then it starts….that horrible whining in your ear. Your eyes SNAP open, you’re wide awake, springing out of bed and panicing as you fumble for the light switch, WHERE DID THAT MOSQUITO GO!?!?

You would be hard pressed to find someone that likes our pesky little friend. What’s to love about their irritating, itchy bites, their horrendous buzzing and their omnipresence at your BBQ, the beach, camping or most infuriating, your bedroom just as your dozing off?

So far we’ve painted a fairly unflattering picture of the mosquito, but we’ve left out one of the most important facts; Mosquito’s spread malaria. Did you know that of the 3,000 species, only one carries the virus?

Malaria is responsible for the death of a child somewhere in the world every minute. It infects approximately 219 million people each year (a range of 154 – 289 million), with an estimated 660,000 deaths, most of which are children in Africa. Ninety per cent of malaria deaths occur in Africa, where it accounts for about one in six of all childhood deaths.* Most malaria infected mosquitoes bite at night, so one of the best prevention methods is to simply avoid getting bitten. Unfortunately, they’re the hard facts.

The good news is the Cotton On Foundation provide community members with Insecticide Treated Nets (ITN’s) to sleep under. ITN’s are treated with a chemical that kills mosquito’s that come in contact with it, without harming the person using it. Those who contract the virus can now receive treatment at the Mannya Health Centre, which also has an ambulance providing patients with faster access to medical treatment; a few hours can make all the difference for a child infected with malaria. In the last month there were 167 cases of malaria at the Mannya Health Centre, with all patients making a full recovery after receiving treatment.

Did you know it only costs $10 to treat a malaria patient? So next time you’re in a Cotton On Group store or shopping online, don’t forget to purchase some of your favourite charity items and wear them with pride, knowing your dollar is going somewhere it’s desperately needed.

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*Malaria stats are from Unicef;

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