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Health | 16 October 2015

Celebrating World Food Day

Today marks annual World Food Day. To celebrate this occasion and the importance of nutrition and nourishment, we’re delighted to be able to share an inspiring update on one of our recent projects – Cotton On Body’s Nutrition Mission.

805 million people in the world do not have enough food to lead a healthy, active life; that's about one in nine people. Of this, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest prevalence (percentage of population) of hunger in the world – where one person in four is undernourished*.

We believe nobody should go hungry, and through partnerships in some of the most remote villages of Southern Uganda, we’re working hard to change this statistic.  

Earlier this year, the Cotton On Foundation teamed up with Cotton On Body to establish a nutritional education program for women in the rural village of Busibo, Uganda. The aim was simple – help prevent malnutrition in this remote community through empowering women, who are largely responsible for preparing the family meals. To do this, we offered an eight-week course that educated the women involved about a balanced diet, the importance of nutrition, and accessible, sustainable food options.

Excitingly, we recently celebrated the graduation of the inaugural group of participants and their inspiring achievements.

Members of the communities walked for miles to see their loved ones graduate from the course and learn a little about nutrition in the process. The graduation was attended by Father Nestus Mugisha, Father Gosbert, members of the Cotton On Foundation in Uganda, plus Projects Operations Manager Trina Finn and Operations Assistant Rachel Burrage from the Cotton On Foundation’s Australian team..

At the completion of the graduation ceremony there were speeches and awards, along with testimonials from the students on how the Nutrition Mission had impacted their lives in such a positive way.

Produce that the Nutrition Mission students had been preparing all morning was offered after the formalities, including home-made meatballs, various cakes, biscuits, fresh fruit salad and a variety of pancakes.

The second round classes are now under way for 60 new women from Busibo Village and surrounding communities. A big thank you goes to our loyal customers, as without their purchases the Nutrition Mission wouldn’t have happened. The women in Uganda and their families are truly grateful!

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