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Every mother counts

Having a baby can be an emotional, beautiful and scary time for a woman. Every mother will tell you that it’s worth the pain, fear and enormous effort once that perfect little baby is placed in her arms.

Now we would like you to take a moment and put yourself in someone else’s shoes. You’re in Southern Uganda, with no access to medical care.  You’re either in a mud brick house with no electricity, or somewhere in the bush and you’ve gone into labour. Definitely not the ideal conditions for delivering such a precious package. Yet, this is the reality for countless women in Southern Uganda and around the world.

Unfortunately complications with pregnancy and childbirth in developing countries continues to be one of the huge health challenges we face globally.

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It was so important to us here at the Cotton On Foundation, to make sure we could help create a safe and clean environment where women could go to have their babies. In April 2012, the Mannya Health Hub opened their new Maternity Ward and the first babies were delivered on April 3rd. There are currently 13 staff members working in the Maternity Ward and Mannya Health Hub, as well as one ambulance for emergencies.

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The Mannya Health Hub runs programs to support pregnant women both during and after pregnancy to try and reduce the mortality rate associated with child birth. These programs include:

  • Provision of free deliveries and antenatal care.
  • Mobilisation and sensitisation in the various villages.
  • Provision of small incentives like sugar cloth soap to some mothers.
  • Special care to some disadvantaged mothers.
  • Continuous follow up visits to antenatal mothers and post natal mothers.
  • Available transport means for the mothers with complications to help in referrals to the hospitals.

Head Nurse Marion of the Mannya Health Hub, Marion says, “The Maternity Ward is a great blessing to the staff and Mannya Village community”. Since the new ward opened there have been 529 deliveries and counting. Children are the way of the future and we’re so happy more babies have had a safer start coming into this world.

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