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Health | 28 April 2015

Introducing Our Nutrition Mission

We’re proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Cotton On Body (BODY) and nutrition expert Lola Berry to launch #NUTRITIONMISSION, an educational program that empowers women to create healthy and sustainable futures.

The #NUTRITION MISSION is an education program for women. It will provide information about diet, nutrition and the impacts of malnutrition. Malnutrition is all too common in developing countries and particularly dangerous for women. It weakens their ability to survive childbirth, makes them more susceptible to infections, and recovery from illness more difficult. 

In Southern Uganda, women are often responsible for preparing the family meals, but have little access to a diverse range of food groups and limited information on nutrition. 

The average daily diet in Uganda consists of:

·         Breakfast: Posco (porridge) – wheat and water

·         Lunch: Matoke – bananas and water, boiled for 3-5 hours ( the result is similar to mashed potatoes)

·         Dinner: Matoke and rice

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The educational program that we’re launching will empower women with nutritional information and cooking skills, and importantly, help prevent malnutrition.

How the program works? 

·         Two eight-week courses will educate over 60 women in the rural village of Busibo regarding the importance of nutrition. 

·         The course covers topics such as the impact of malnutrition (including how it can be prevented by eating from a range of food groups), how to grow sustainable produce and how to prepare nutritious meals. 

·         At the end of the course, women will leave empowered to teach fellow community members the skills they’ve learnt, including how to grow and maintain their own vegetable gardens.

What are the benefits to households and the community?

·         Reduction in the number of malnutrition deaths. 

·         Reduction in the number of maternal deficiency orders. 

·         Increased production and consumption of nutritious foods across the whole community.  

·         An increase in concentration and school attendance for children, enabling them to reach higher education. 

Over 600 people will benefit from this amazing program as the women spread the message within their households and wider community!

To help fund this initiative we need to raise $100,000 through the sale of Cotton On Foundation product in BODY stores!

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How can you help?
Visit a BODY during April, May or June 2015 and simply purchase a Cotton On Foundation product. Or, shop the range online here.

That way, you’ll be helping us reach our #NUTRITIONMISSION goal, so that we can empower women to build healthy and sustainable futures. THANK YOU! 

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