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Why Our Water's Better

Did you know that just $3 buys a jerry can for our mates in Uganda, allowing people to collect water for drinking, washing and cleaning. Find out how you can help us provide people in Southern Uganda with safe water. #BetterWater

Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink.... this story is all too common in Southern Uganda, but we’re committed to making this problem a thing of the past!

The quality of drinking-water is a powerful environmental determinant of health*, so those lacking access to such a life necessity are left in an extremely vulnerable position.

Although the people of Mannya, Busibo and surrounding villages had access to water, it wasn’t necessarily safe to consume and was hours away. 783 million people in the world do not have access to safe water and every day 2,000 children die from diarrhoea related illnesses caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Mainly women and children spend hours upon hours on end everyday walking to collect water that is more than likely contaminated with an array of nasty bugs and parasites. By making sure people have access to safe drinking water, not only are we laying down the foundation of waterborne disease prevention and control, we’re empowering youth. The hours spent on water collection are regained, giving children the time to attend school and receive an education. 

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There is no nice way to say it but the sad fact of the matter is that 3.4 million people die each year from water related diseases but we’re hopeful and we want to change this! Every time you purchase a Cotton On Foundation bottle of water from one of our Cotton On, Cotton On Body, Cotton On Kids, Rubi, or Typo stores, you’re helping us!

Did you know that just $3 buys a jerry can for our mates in Uganda, allowing people to collect water for drinking, washing and cleaning.


So far we’ve completed two dams, which help provide over 24 million litres of water to the people of Mannya, Busibo and surrounding villages. We have 5 active boreholes in Mannya Village, serving over 45,000 people in the district with clean, fresh, drinkable water. With your help, we’ll build MORE boreholes to provide MORE people with access to MORE water. Told you it was better!

Next time you buy a bottle of Cotton On Foundation water, show us how you’re supporting our projects by posting on your social media using #CottonOnFoundation and #BetterWater! 


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