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Sustainability | 11 April 2016

Cotton On Body launches Cotton On Foundation coffee scrub

In the community of Mannya, Southern Uganda, 30,000 robusta coffee seedlings are providing farmers and their families with employment opportunities, a source of income and hope for the future. Whether you’re a coffee lover or hater, there’s no denying the positive impact this industry has on the region.

With this in mind, we’re very excited to introduce a brand new Cotton On Foundation product to be stocked in Cotton On BODY stores as of today – a coffee scrub made with beans grown and cared for by women in Southern Uganda.

All proceeds from the sale of the scrub will go towards our local and international projects, educating and empowering women to earn an income and support their families.

The idea was born in 2012, when we began working with locals to establish coffee plantations in Southern Uganda, an initiative which saw the launch of sustainable specialty coffee company, Mannya Trading Co. On a trip to Mannya, Cotton On BODY trend director Stephanie Keen planted the first coffee seedlings alongside our team, four years ago.

“We got on the back of a truck and drove out to the coffee plantation and spent the day digging holes and planting the seedlings.

“They put a basket on my head and I could hardly hold it with my arms, and then I saw a Ugandan woman beside me who was digging holes in the heat with a child on her back the entire time - that really stuck with me,” Stephanie said.

Inspired after the trip, Stephanie set about developing the Cotton On BODY coffee scrub using the Mannya Trading Co beans. These are completely harvested by hand - from picking, to drying, hulling and roasting – ensuring only the very best quality coffee beans are produced.

“Women’s behaviors are global, we’re all the same. The women were always laughing, chatting and sticking together – it was no different from us, just the environment was different. It’s all about creating a sustainable income for families and future generations”.

The proceeds raised from the sale of the scrub will support projects empowering women in the region; where 80% of women perform 80% of the quality control work and 90% reinvest 90% of their earned income into their family. 

Head into a Cotton On BODY store in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa or Singapore and pick up the $9.95 coffee scrub today!

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