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Hamish and Andy join forces with the Cotton On Foundation

Comedy powerhouse Hamish and Andy and the Cotton On Foundation will excite and delight the tastebuds of water connoisseurs when the Hamish and Andy Premium Gold Water launches into all Cotton On Australian stores from today- an initiative that will raise funds to build a school in the village of Nubunga, Southern Uganda.

The limited edition water will be sold for $4.00 with proceeds going back to the Cotton On Foundation who will build and maintain the ten classroom school, providing much-needed education, health services, food and support programs to children in the community.

This is the first philanthropic partnership Hamish and Andy have been involved in and they both jumped at the chance to develop a premium water that will not only satisfy the highest demands of any water lover, but most importantly contribute to creating a healthy and sustainable future for the village of Nubunga.

The Cotton On Foundation believes education and opportunity holds the power in eradicating extreme poverty and is on a mission to educate 20,000 people in Southern Uganda by 2020.

“By providing the gift of education we are empowering the youth of Uganda to lead the way in their communities and break the cycle of poverty. We are thrilled Hamish and Andy have come on board our mission and hope Australians will do the same by quenching their thirst with a Gold Water” Cotton On Foundation General Manager Tim Diamond said.

Construction on the school in Nubunga is planned to commence in September with the aim to be set up and running by early 2015. The Hamish and Andy water will be available for a limited time only until stock lasts.

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The Cotton On Foundation is currently educating 3,800 people in Southern Uganda, but our mission is to educate 20,000 by the year 2020. Help us achieve this goal by heading into your local Cotton On store and adding a Hamish and Andy Premium Gold Label Water to your collection! Feel free to keep the bottle cap to ‘accidentally’ let it fall out of your pocket throughout the day to advertise your new identity as a saint/school builder.

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The Cotton On Foundation is the Cotton On Group’s philanthropic arm, funding projects in Australia and overseas through a unique partnership with customers and employees. We have a number of designated initiatives currently underway and unfortunately are unable to support additional projects at this time.

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