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Sustainability | 08 October 2014

Introducing Mannya Trading Co.

Five years ago we planted our first coffee plants in Mannya village, Uganda. Fast-forward to today and we have just launched our largest and most important sustainability project! 

Our new specialty coffee brand, Mannya Trading Co. will not only impress coffee lovers but most importantly, will improve the lives of our friends in Uganda.

Located close to the equator, Uganda is a great climate for growing coffee plants.

We use the oldest and most traditional methods of growing and harvesting coffee, and we work hand in hand with local communities.

Everything is done by hand! It’s handpicked by the farmers, hand-dried and hand-roasted by the finest craftsmen and women.

Most people in Uganda live on the poverty line, surviving on just $1.25 a day. Mannya Trading Co. offers Ugandan farmers and their families a way out of the poverty cycle, by providing them with an income generating project.

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Whilst we are working on our very own first shipment of Fine Robusta coffee beans, grown and harvested in Mannya village we are working with our close friends at Bukonzo Joint Co-Operative in Western Uganda on an amazing range of Arabica coffee.

You can make your mark now by buying a 250g bag of Arabica coffee in whole bean or ground, online or in select Cotton On stores for $9.95 (Australia only). All gross profits are reinvested back into the project, helping to create healthy and sustainable futures for Ugandan families.

By purchasing just one bag of coffee, you are helping feed a family for a week!

You’re also empowering local farmers by improving processing facilities and access to education explains Ross Burrage, Mannya Trading Co. Manager.

“What we’re doing is setting farmers up with the facilities and equipping them with the ‘know-how’ in best-practice coffee farming. We’re using a direct trade model whereby we’re working directly with the farmers and paying premium prices which is approximately 20% above market value. So essentially, we’re providing them with a sustainable income generating project that will see better education, healthcare and infrastructure in those villages for many years to come.”

So jump on-board and grab a bag coffee when you’re next in-store or online. You’ll be inspiring generations of coffee farmers whilst you’re at it!

Check out the Mannya Trading Co. website to see more about the new coffee range and the local farmers we’re working with -

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