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Sustainability | 18 August 2015

Mannya Trading Co. Celebrates One Year!

One year ago, we launched our very own specialty coffee brand, Mannya Trading Co. and thanks to the support of our loyal customers the journey so far has been amazing!

Born out of our sustainability pillar, Mannya Trading Co. has a vision to inspire generations of coffee farmers in Uganda.

Every cup of coffee has a story behind it, usually involving a small family in a remote part of the world who earns a living by tending to their fields. 

One such story is Mutebi’s (pictured below), who lives in Mannya village in Southern Uganda with his family and earns a living from growing coffee. He owns approximately 1,000 coffee plants across two acres, most of which he planted with his own hands.

2 - Grid_Family.jpg

 Mutebi and his wife have eight children, most of whom are currently enrolled at school which he funds through his earnings from their coffee plantation. His father was also a coffee farmer, and Mutebi in turn will leave the plantation to his sons when he is too old to farm. Farming coffee has been in his family for over 50 years. 

It therefore plays an important role in Mutebi's family's life - according to him, "Coffee is my life. It is how I live my life and how I support my family.” 

Over the past year, by simply drinking a cup of Mannya Trading Co. coffee, you have helped to support farmers like Mutebi and their families in Uganda. To continue to support Mannya Trading Co., you can buy your next caffeine fix here. The specialty grade coffee is handpicked, cared for and quality controlled by the finest craftsmen and women in Uganda. The fair trade, organic Arabica coffee is sourced from Bukonzo Joint Co-Operative in the pristine Rwenzori mountains in Western Uganda, whilst the fine Robusta from the Rakai district in Southern Uganda.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the coffee goes back into the project to help fund further education and facilities for farmers. 

1 - Bottom Pic.jpg

With the latest shipment of beans just arrived and much more on the horizon, there’s no stopping Mannya Trading Co. and its quest to inspire generations of coffee farmers. If you’re keen to stay up to date with the project, follow Mannya Trading Co. on Instagram.

THANK YOU all for being somebody’s reason to smile!




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