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Our four pillars

Inspired and guided by the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Goals, our projects are based on four pillars, which we operate within and measure ourselves against.


Creating further opportunities in life for children through education.

We believe education is critical to breaking the cycle of extreme poverty. Providing an education for children who would not otherwise receive one is therefore our biggest development focus. We see it is the key to sustainability and by linking education and healthcare together we provide a platform that creates many possibilities.

In our education program:

  • Students are provided with meals to enhance their concentration and learning capabilities
  • Quality primary and secondary education is available for all children within the villages we operate in
  • Our schools are co-educational, non-selective and non-elitist so that all children have the same opportunity.

The UNHCR’s goal is for each child to complete a full course in primary schooling. We follow that same pledge and further this by making secondary schooling available to all students who wish to further their education. In addition we examine local country statistics to use as a benchmark for our education programs. With an average of only 1 in 10 Ugandan children able to attend secondary school, all children in Mannya village have access to secondary education.


Enabling a healthier future for all.

In accordance with the UNHCR’s goals, our number one objective is to reduce child mortality. In addition, we are building health centres in each community so that we can further focus on HIV prevention, education, maternal care and reducing the impact of malaria, particularly in children. Along with our education program we have a number of avenues to deliver on this objective and we are seeing some great, tangible results.


Transform our contribution into future benefit.

We invest in projects that provide locals with with a range of different skills and knowledge, empowering them to build healthy and sustainable futures for their families. We work closely with communities, putting activities in place to foster independence and facilitate our long term relationship becoming one of support and guidance.


Develop the assets to deliver on our vision.

Infrastructure provides a framework for us to deliver on our projects. Building schools, dams and wells, health centres, dormitories, farming facilities and community facilities provides essential infrastructure and creates an ongoing impact.

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The Cotton On Foundation is the Cotton On Group’s philanthropic arm, funding projects in Australia and overseas through a unique partnership with customers and employees. We have a number of designated initiatives currently underway and unfortunately are unable to support additional projects at this time.

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