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Southern Uganda

The Cotton On Foundation’s mission is to develop 20,000 educational places in Southern Uganda by 2020.

Working hand in hand with three central villages and surrounding smaller villages, we will establish a lifelong impact in the region.  In 2007, we formed a partnership with Mannya village in Uganda, which was to lead to the official beginning of the Cotton On Foundation.  Mannya became our first central project and we’ve since expanded to a number of other villages in the area.

Our central projects are designed to support communities in the form of education, health, infrastructure and sustainability.

Our 2020 Mission for Southern Uganda

The gift of education in Uganda provides children with a better future and many more opportunities in life. Experience has taught us that the best way to change a child's life is to change the environment in whch they live.

Our mission is to develop 20,000 education places in Southern Uganda by 2020. Read more about our 2020 Mission below. 




South Africa

Nelson Mandela Foundation

In 2015, we partnered with the Nelson Mandela Foundation in South Africa to implement critical programs in line with our four pillars. Some of those programs include:

Mandela Library Program

As part of our work in the education pillar, we worked with the Nelson Mandela Foundation to donate libraries made from shipping containers to five schools in need.

Mandela Day Food Security Program

The food parcel project focused on those students and families from selected rural schools, and helped deliver parcels to 240 students during the school holidays to ensure they remain healthy and able to concentrate all year round. 

School Enhancement and Assembly Shelter

Our dedication to quality learning environments doesn’t have to mean we just build classroom blocks. In 2015, we responded to a need in a local school in Cape Town, and built a sheltered area for school assembly and shaded outdoor activities for students.

Desmond Tutu Foundation

We are committed to investing in youth across South Africa, to create positive life experiences through education. 

In order to help create better learning environments for South African children, we forged a partnership with the Desmond Tutu Desk organisation to provide 5,060 Tutu Desks to children, helping to support their literacy development.  



Operation Hope Foundation 

We are working closely with the Operation Hope Foundation to build an Education Centre as well as student and teacher accommodation.  The education facility will focus on disadvantaged youth and offer classes in computer skills and English.

Together, our focus is to provide opportunity to change the lives of Asia’s most vulnerable youth. You can read more about this project partnership here.


Indigenous Australia

We’ve been working with indigenous communities in Yirrkala and surrounding homelands, in Australia’s Northern Territory since 2012. 

Home to the Yolngu people, the oldest culture in Australia, Yirrkala is a community that we’ve committed to support by empowering them through artistic and cultural knowledge.

Why is this important? By supporting young people to build a strong identity and cultural connection, we see better educational outcomes which provide sustainable opportunity for the entire community.

Buku Larrnggay Mulka Art Centre

Buku-Larrnggay, meaning the feeling on your face as it is struck by the first rays of the sun, is an Arts Centre that is run by the Indigenous community in Yirrkala in Northeast Arnhem Land. It supports Yolngu artists, exhibiting and selling their traditional and contemporary art.

The Mulka Project, a digital media development and production department is also based here. We purchased musical equipment including speakers, mixing desk and acoustic equipment for the community to use.

Yaka Gana (Working together) Music Workshop

In March 2015, we launched the Yaka Gana music program with 16-25 year olds, a grass roots music workshop that empowers young people by building upon their musical skills and cultural knowledge.

Textiles Workshop Program

Last year, we trialed a workshop with Yolngu women to create a silk fabric line using traditional methods. The participants were empowered with invaluable skills and it helped transfer knowledge, from elders to young people in the community.


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